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Do obeisance to ear to carry modular clone to land technology of equipment of 08 international medical treatment to exhibit. Expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin expresses, PC(polycarbonate) of the ideal that is material of medical treatment application anthology, the advantageous character of the product can offer your kind effort to support for medical treatment industry, the ego that grows in order to comply with increasingly is treated and small the development that starts application. This expert introduction occupies Shanghai on September 9, 2008 message -- the good stuff that polycarbonate of science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear is domain of medical treatment application, what grow day and day inside limits of cogent and can contented whole world is right high quality plastic the demand with material. Area of Asia-Pacific of science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear consumable of polycarbonate business department, reach vice president of medical treatment branch to apply happy article doctor to express: "Global trend, for example ego cure, small start cure and operation, and the development of the burgeoning domain such as heredity and biology technology, ceaseless drive is worn the demand of products of pair of innovation medical treatment. " Dr. Shilewen explains: "Well-known, medical treatment industry has slashing demand to product application. Do obeisance to the polycarbonate of ear material science and technology, have outstanding high temperature resistant with impact resistance and transparent and beautiful exterior, make its became diversification medical treatment to use the first selection data of the domain. " it can use superhigh temperature vapour, high-energy radiate or disinfection of annulus oxygen ethane, also can use laser laser disinfection, can avoid other data completely to be faced with generally thereby fade or become yellow problem. Medical treatment technology gets all data doing obeisance to ear that use inside the country, all accord with the requirement of level of grade of American pharmacopoeia VI and ISO10993-1.

"Be in China, science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear holds to his to be in with manufacturer of equipment of global medical treatment, the rich experience of the derive in process of concerted effort coordination, plus our this locality know only, ensured we hold the lead position of the market from beginning to end, the manufacturer of medical treatment equipment that is China provides support of your kind effort. " Dr. Shilewen continues to explain. When the example that does obeisance to ear material science and technology how to help a client hold better product to put the market on the opportunity in cite, shi Bo person says, "We can ensure data is relevant the consistency of the recipe, supply stability and the quality with American FDA standard add up to compasses sex. This is meant shortened greatly the legal sanction time of Asian product. " introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, on the design of equipment of 2008 international medical treatment that holds in Shanghai and technical exhibition, science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear revealed tweezers of newest operation of the miniature that note model, this product uses the mobile component composition that modular clone Rx2530 makes by 8. The length of this operation tweezers and width are a few micron only. The intensity with modular incomparable physical characteristic, remarkable clone, hardness and tenacity and unapproachable photoconductive sex, ling Jicheng uses the data of tall transparent polycarbonate of domain first selection for accurate medical treatment. Another item on display is the system of the injection that do not have a needle that the name is INJEX, the person that this product can allow to use undertakes painful ego injects notting have. INJEX system can be passed short the superhigh pressure when medicaments infuse hypodermic. INJEX system uses polycarbonate Rx1805 to be made, and the gamma ray of material of benefit from benefit from is disinfected be able to bear or endure suffer a gender, with stress craze and unapproachable diaphaneity.
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