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Vacuum packaging machine how big the market development

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The world food industry is undoubtedly part of a very strong economy, investment is high, therefore, the food packaging industry is a very big market. The industry is the biggest buyer of vacuum packaging machinery, occupies nearly 70% share, followed by electronic products, such as IC, chip, circuit boards, the industry accounted for the procurement of vacuum packaging machinery purchases to 20%. Vacuum packaging machinery industry, the global trade over the years, has been increasing, only the first half of 2010 has reached 150 million euros. Because the 2008 financial crisis curbed demand, the volume of trade affected last year, in 2009 exports of about 20 million euros, down a quarter in 2008. But this year the demand has been strong improvement. Now many varieties of vacuum packaging machinery, short innovation cycles, the new multi-functional requirements to achieve the maximum health, so the vacuum packaging machine manufacturer only highly innovative in design in order in the fierce competition in the market to lose. Rather than simply pandering to the appetite of consumers to play crazy price war vacuum packaging machine. Fight a price war will undoubtedly bring harm to both consumers and manufacturers, as well as the entire industry will suffer. Therefore, the development of vacuum packaging machine industry must take a long-term development.
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