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River City restaurants introduced vacuum-packed New Year Gift

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During the Spring Festival, big restaurants are often "hard to find a table" and now people have a new choice. Some restaurants have begun production of a vacuum-packed dinner. Yesterday, the reporters in the Kam Lake North Lake store to see the restaurant, exquisite packaging boxes prominently placed in the restaurant lobby. Sales manager of the restaurant extension Leibo, this is the main push of this year's "New Year gift", the hotel's signature dish, and the New Year's will be eating, do fit into the vacuum packaging, home use only heating can be eaten. These boxes can meet the standard dinner meal? Sales display, 600 yuan a gift box, with Congxiang duck, spicy hop, braised pig's feet and other "dishes", only one or two fried vegetables, you can eat a decent dinner meal was . Because dishes do not add preservatives vacuum, the public can only buy 3 days in advance. According to reports, with the exception of Kam Lake restaurants, several other carriers are also put into River City Catering New Year gift for the design and production. A large catering business person in charge, last year they had 200 small-scale production, did not expect to be large customers within a week booked. However, to remind the industry, the food should be heated to high temperatures before. Starchy foods such as cakes and so easy to parasitic aureus, high-temperature heating is not easy to kill, so the best type of food packaged to go home within 4 hours after eating.
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