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Machine of hot shrink packaging becomes package machine market to be bestowed f

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The machine of hot 2008 shrink packaging that packs equipment limited company to offer according to Qingdao moxa dispatch orders weak data to show: The sale of machine of hot shrink packaging is compared the corresponding period grew 70% last year. Should package facility than the tradition such as vacuum-packed machine, packer growth is fast.

Why? Www.yupack.com company information is in charge of the market advantage that offerred opportunity of hot shrink packaging:

The first: Cost of hot shrink packaging is low, the part is packed can replace paper box to coal tub outfit especially.

The method is bottom puts tray, heat up shrink packaging next. For example: Love of Qingdao rubber administrative division is to use paper box to pack before strange potted plant, and change bottom to use tray now, pack with machine of systole of PE semi-automatic cuff next, cost at a draught managing 30% . And carry simple still, carry with the hand can take away. Other is like the industry such as beverage, medicine, chemical industry also is such.

The 2nd: Rise show the result, stimulative sale
Be like: Day changes industry, tire industry, books to publish industry, shoemaking to wait, the specification of outer packing, design, decorative pattern, appearance is OK very intuitionistic see, rise show the result, stimulative product is sold; Make the product is packed at the same time more human nature is changed.

Enterprise of user of each industry terminal is reducing the cost that pack, stimulative sale to heating up shrink packaging equipment the it may be said of this two respects is to express great expectations, believe the ceaseless development as technology of hot shrink packaging, market admiral has more to use the product of this kind of form that pack to appear, will become terminal user enterprise to will be opposite henceforth with technology of efficient hot shrink packaging neatly more the expectation with the largest facility of hot shrink packaging.
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