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Chinese food packs data standard to be released with general rule form first

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In recent years, as social progress, and the whole world is taller and taller to the requirement of food safety, domestic government official also conforms with international, the safe level of each link that begin raw material of systematization standard food, treatment, sale. The packing bag that food uses is ignored very easily, and use place is very much however, be likeThe bag that vacuum-packed machine uses, Heat up the bag that contractive machine uses, still haveThe bag that sealing machine uses.

Solve according to us, at present technology of Chinese plastic products standardizes committee to already organized food expert to draft the standard that packages data about food. Among them, " food is packed with general rule of compound film, bag " already examined through the expert. Concerned personage expresses, food packs standard of used compound film, bag current and only a few, but the form that adopts general rule establishs new standard, this still is first time.
  Of new standard come on stage, result from a lot of elements;

Above all, it is international big trend, especially developed country, made model to us. The food safety consciousness that they care table to go up compares level of the any on the history tall. For fear that has member of bacterium of the any in abdomen.

The 2nd, be quality of our country countryman and consumer health consciousness rise, this is not this crosses oneself absolutely. It is really such, the healthy consciousness of people got great rise, no matter be to eat, live, row, got great promotion. Pay close attention to food safety, also begin to pay close attention to food to pack.

The 3rd, the result that the company competes each other. As a result of the pressure of the market, the enterprise begins to pay attention to healthy level, especially brand enterprise takes seriously particularly.

Come on stage as what relevant provision packs a standard, it is a kind of standard to food industry; To consumer, these mark brigadier provide new safeguard for healthy life.

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