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Package machine of 3 big " exhibited Qingdao " to be aided for local economy 20

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Qingdao is had1000Much home food processes a business, add glue east town of peninsula other county, about20000More than. Investment of business of its China and foreign countries is gross close4000The home, wine and beverage industry are made an appointment with3000Many! The world500Strong company has76The home invests in Qingdao132Project.

According to China the association that pack understands, in Qingdao city this year should hold large package machine fair 3 times, they are respectively:

1. 3Month13Day, 15Day China·Qingdao pressworks, exhibition of the industry that pack

2.5Month22Day, 25Day 2008Treatment of food of the 5th China and exhibition of the equipment that pack

3.4Month23Day, 25Day The 3rd China (Qingdao) international industry carries technology and automation line exhibition

Above is exhibited all can hold in the international exhibition center.

Qingdao is production of Shandong province food and exit center, in the whole nation
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