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The package machine with the oldest whole world is exhibited will hold at the n

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Global dimensions the impact is the the biggest, biggest, have professional international package machine to exhibit most will atOn April 24, 2008In Germany city holds Dusaierduofu; Sessional add up to 6 days, will atOn April 30End. Should exhibit can exhibit an orgnaization to sponsor by Dusaierduofu, every 3 years. This year is exhibited for package machine of the 18th international, full name is " package machine of the 18th international, pack reach candied and mechanical exhibition " .

Exhibit meeting general this to show plan of new product of package machine domain, new technology, innovation and service of form a complete set to the user. Will have at the appointed time full automatic, unmanned change automaticPacker, explore filmy bag ply automatically and self-correcting heats of time full automaticVacuum-packed machine, the PLC pilot that unmanned value defendsHeat up contractive machine, TwisterEtc full automatic package machine and applied industry client meet.