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The difference of homebred food package machine

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Recently, secretary-general of association of industry of Chinese food package machineHe Na comesThe gentleman published an article, the title is " is homebred food package machine differred after all be in? " . The summary is as follows:

One, Global food package machine of which country best?

Mention food package machine, people always is have the greatest esteem for to the product of Germany, Sweden, really the food package machine of Germany and Sweden (be like automaticPackerWait for a product) the front row that will go in global food package machine all the time for years. Swedish machinery is done weller also, likeHeat up shrink packaging machineWait for stand-alone to be done more delicately, the function is complete, automation rate is very high. Germany also does stand-alone, but wholeAutomation lineAutomation is very tall, represented the most advanced level on current international.

2, The difference of package machine of our country food

Perhaps be in stand-alone technology or craft respect, domestic enterprise is returned can to it conflicting, but comparing in difference of face of systematic collect set prescription big.

The first be: Flexible design respect is weak
For instance present twine packer manipulator to be able to identify by packing big, small, of material thin, thick, soft, hard, manipulator knows how to exert oneself to do sth. , how had wrapped to it, imitate the feeling of hand completely, this system has applied in Germany, its characteristic is reaction fast, precision is tall, inside certain limits can oneself identify.
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