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During two meetings paper products package machine attention be sufferringed

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Package machine industry belongs to light industrial and mechanical category, appear on the market the company is less, brisker business includes grand of express the idea of Beijing hill small plane, Guangzhou, Shanghai to imprint bag. Package machine industry still has only paper is tasted and whole set package machine has appear on the market company, and traditional and general package machine ifPacker, Vacuum-packed machineWait for the enterprise that the production company still is done not have at present or the plan appears on the market

It is good that the RMB does not appreciate to make gross profit to Chinese papermaking course of study gradually, increase paper price all fronts soares this year, individual breed goes up amount to3Into, luoyang paper is expensive, cause paper industry board piece today harden of Zhou Siquan line. This year paper industry board piece big environment to good already became finality, each are big the orgnaization values paper industry in succession, your paper industry board piece become afterwards agriculture board piece laterYour paper industry board piece become afterwards agriculture board piece laterArrogant a concentration campArrogant a concentration camp. Paper industry is thriving, mechanism of paper of natural belt flourishing makes a trade, positive involves both concern. Especially Beijing hill small plane , appear on the market number000821-The paper products package machine with domestic the oldest dimensions produces a business. Make a person pay close attention to more.

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