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Company of Qingdao moxa dispatch is new-style and waterproof controller of vacu

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Qingdao moxa dispatch packs the DZ that equipment limited company developsSeriesVacuum-packed machineVacuum-packed machine is designed and computer controller is made automatically for standard type only. Controller crust is usedABSFlame retardant material, what range pattern uses is Japanese entrancePET, life of face film key-press is amounted to 200 thousand times. Controller of vacuum-packed Electromechanical head advocate accuse circuit to use global sales volume the biggest, electronic industry is established interference rejection and reliable function are highestPICSeries assembles computer chip formerly, through outstanding programming, make dead machine rate is almost 0, can pass4000VScintilla disturbs a test not to have dead machine phenomenon absolutely.

The main function of this controller includes set of time of vacuum time set, heal time set, heal temperature set, cooling delay time. In addition, after vavuum pump of this computer controller quits the job, before heat seals transformer to heat, set inside1~2Second delay time, prevent heal place Zou She and heal interior bleb effectively to happen, increase heal quality and strength apparently. This controller is used without contact switch, can prolong service life effectively. Crust uses whole sealing sealed, can prevent water vapour effectively to wait for all sorts of corroding gas is entered, ensure on the safe side works.

Operating sequence:

DZSeries computer controller uses 2 digit code to show, vacuum set time is1~60s, Heal set time is0.1~6S, Cooling set time is0.1~3s. After receiving electrify source, criterion "TIME "The window shows for "
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