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Shanghai achieves sharp package machine to create limited company

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Release time: On August 27, 2007 period of efficacy: On November 25, 2007 company name: Shanghai achieves sharp package machine to make kind of limited company enterprise: Seat of company of other and finite liability: Shanghai Shanghai contact: Ms. Zhou Yun is added for commercial associate
Shanghai achieves sharp package machine to create limited company [examine business shop]
Management mode: Type of production


Contact: Ms. Zhou Yun
Phone: 86 021 54436955/54436957
Mobile phone: 13916664289
Fax: 86 021 64587111
Address: Min travel area is silver-colored road 3 buildings of 2988 F3 ridgepole
Postcode: 201108
Our company share wiring of 2 congener “ - air compressor”
Detailed information
Be in an area: Shanghai - Shanghai product standards:
The price explains: Product measure: 10
The specification that pack: Remarks:
Period of efficacy: Released time on November 25, 2007: On August 27, 2007
DZ series is vacuum-packed machine, need to press vacuum room lid can finish vacuumize by the program of set only, the whole process of heal, lettering, cooling, exhaust. The article after classics vacuumize is packed can prevent oxidation, mildew to change, bug eat by moth, be affected with damp be affected with damp, prolong product shelf life.

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