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Luxurious model vacuum-packed machine / vacuum sealing machine / vacuum machine

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Release time: On May 17, 2008 period of efficacy: On August 15, 2008 company name: Yilida packs type of enterprise of equipment limited company: Seat of the equipment that pack: Guangdong Fosan contact: Mr Liang Jiezhen is added for commercial associate
Yilida packs equipment limited company [examine business to spread]
Management mode: Type of production


Contact: Mr Liang Jiezhen
Phone: 0757-85395000
Mobile phone: 075785395000
Fax: 0757-85320729
Address: Highway of ferry of dragon of the village austral city of buddhist of city of Guangdong province Fosan 88
Postcode: 528061
Email: Elida668@126.com
Our company share electric equipment of vacuum of 7 congener “ - other of vacuum electric equipment”
Detailed information
Be in an area: Guangdong - Fosan product standards:
The price explains: Measure of valence actor product: Batch
The specification that pack: Remarks: Taiwan
Period of efficacy: Released time on August 15, 2008: On May 17, 2008
Luxurious model vacuum-packed machine / vacuum sealing machine / vacuum machine

〗 of 〖 product information welcomes to order!
Model: TW-400/500/600-2SD
Technical index: Model: TW-600-2SD of   of TW-400-2SD   TW-500-2SD
Supply power supply: 110V, 220V/380V 50-60Hz 380-415V/50-60Hz 3phase
Bad news electric power: 3.2KW of   of   of   of 1.5KW of   of 0.75KW    
Vacuum chamber measure: 990×695×920 580×550×150 670×625×150mm
Heat up dimension of a paper strip for sealing: 600×10mm of   of 400×12mm   500×12mm
Capacity: 70m3/h of   of   of 40m3/h   of   of 20m3/h    
True pneumatics is strong: 1.0KPa of   of   of 1.0KPa   of   of 1.0KPa    
Machine dimension 990×695×920 1250×745×950 1495×980×1100mm
380Kg of   of   of   of 207Kg of   of   of   of   of   of machine weight 154Kg

Type: TW-600-2SD of   of TW-400-2SD   TW-500-2SDElectrical Source: 110V, 220V/380V 50-60Hz, 380-415V/50-60Hz 3phaseElectrical Power: 0.75KW, 1.5KW, 3.2KWThe Volume Of The Vacuum Chamber: 990×695×920mm, 580×550×150mm, 670×625×150mmThe Heat Sealing Size: 400×12mm, 500×12mm, 600×10mmExhaust Quantity: 20m3/h, 40m3/h, 70m3/hVacuum Intensity Of Pressure: 1.0KPa, 1.0KPa, 1.0KPaMechanism Size: 990×695×920 1250×745×950 1495×980×1100mmMechanism Weight: 154Kg, 207Kg, 380Kg

The product explains: TW set is sumptuous model the whole process that vacuum-packed machine simply presses vacuum room lid can finish vacuumize, heal, lettering, cooling, exhaust automatically by the program of set. Change through packing the product after to be able to prevent oxidation, mildew, be affected with damp be affected with damp, insurable qualitative, last, the storage life that prolongs a product.
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