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Form is taken outside vacuum-packed machine, VS-600 vacuum machine

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Release time: On May 21, 2008 period of efficacy: On August 19, 2008 company name: Shenzhen city beauty is strange this type of enterprise of limited company of the equipment that pack: Private enterprise seat: Guangdong Shenzhen contact: Mr Zhang Zhiyong is added for commercial associate
Shenzhen city beauty is strange this limited company of the equipment that pack [examine business shop]
Management mode: Type of production


Contact: Mr Zhang Zhiyong
Phone: 0755-83705463 81703070 81703736
Mobile phone: 13316588496
Fax: 0755-83500498
Address: Baoan Ou Longhua the 8th industrial district area of A of family work trade (super- collect a garden on)
Postcode: 518109
Email: Shenzhen@mqspack.com
Our company share wiring of 5 congener “ - plastic machinery”
Detailed information
Be in an area: Guangdong - Shenzhen product standards:
The price explains: Product measure:
The specification that pack: Remarks:
Period of efficacy: Released time on August 19, 2008: On May 21, 2008
1.Suitable scope: A) is used at product of of all kinds electron (finished product of semiconductor, circuit board, electron) reach machine metal to machine vacuum-packed, become angry with moistureproof, antirust. What B) uses at products of wool of cloth, cotton is vacuum-packed, pack bulk in order to compress, economic substance spreads cost. Article of be soiled of the seafood that C) uses in food, fruit, tea, salt, bean products those who wait is vacuum-packed, in order to prevent oxidation metamorphism, extend the expiration period. Or fill the protective air such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, preserve taste in order to last, can prevent concussion.


Dimension of the biggest heal (MM)

The largest size that pack (MM)

Use power source, power
1φ/220V 50HZ 2800W/h
1φ/220V 50HZ 2800W/h

Exterior dimension


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