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Sell manufacturer of aircraft of vacuum of machine of wholesale Guangdong vacuum

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Release time: On May 21, 2008 period of efficacy: On May 31, 2008 company name: Shenzhen city beauty is strange this type of enterprise of limited company of the equipment that pack: Private enterprise seat: Guangdong Shenzhen contact: Mr Zhang Zhiyong is added for commercial associate
Shenzhen city beauty is strange this limited company of the equipment that pack [examine business shop]
Management mode: Type of production


Contact: Mr Zhang Zhiyong
Phone: 0755-83705463 81703070 81703736
Mobile phone: 13316588496
Fax: 0755-83500498
Address: Baoan Ou Longhua the 8th industrial district area of A of family work trade (super- collect a garden on)
Postcode: 518109
Email: Shenzhen@mqspack.com
Our company share steam of 77 congener “ rub fittings - electric machinery of warm wind wiper”
Detailed information
Be in an area: Guangdong - Shenzhen product standards: VS-600/800
The price explains: 0 products measure: 30
The specification that pack: F remarks:
Period of efficacy: Released time on May 31, 2008: On May 21, 2008
We are offerred outside take form vacuum-packed machine
Shenzhen city brave achieves package machine limited company to found at 20 centuries 90 time, it is machinery of research and development of a market, production, consumer package the company of new and high technology that is an industry. The company's current main product has: The machine of twister, vacuum, contractive machine, packer, machine that seal box, sealing machine, cut the machine, automation line that pack, phone: 0755-81703380 81703302 81703303
Website: Www.oupack.cn E-MIAL:sZ@oupack.cn commerce connects ID: Oupack Skape:yCpack
Model VS-600 VS - 800
Power source 1φ220V/240V 50Hz 1φ220V/240V 50Hz
Power 1.5KW 1.5KW
L600MM*W10MM L800MM*10MM of dimension of the biggest heal
Weight 80Kg 95Kg
Fill gas function to not have
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