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Shenzhen city beauty is strange this limited company of the equipment that pack

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Release time: On May 21, 2008 period of efficacy: On May 31, 2008 company name: Shenzhen city beauty is strange this type of enterprise of limited company of the equipment that pack: Private enterprise seat: Guangdong Shenzhen contact: Mr Zhang Zhiyong is added for commercial associate
Shenzhen city beauty is strange this limited company of the equipment that pack [examine business shop]
Management mode: Type of production


Contact: Mr Zhang Zhiyong
Phone: 0755-83705463 81703070 81703736
Mobile phone: 13316588496
Fax: 0755-83500498
Address: Baoan Ou Longhua the 8th industrial district area of A of family work trade (super- collect a garden on)
Postcode: 518109
Email: Shenzhen@mqspack.com
Our company share steam of 77 congener “ rub fittings - electric machinery of warm wind wiper”
Detailed information
Be in an area: Guangdong - Shenzhen product standards: VS - 600A
The price explains: 0 products measure: 45
The specification that pack: D remarks:
Period of efficacy: Released time on May 31, 2008: On May 21, 2008
We are offerred outside take form vacuum-packed machine
The United States is strange this the company holds water at 90 time, major produces automation package machine and material. Main product has package machine twister of film of wrapping machine, drawing, shrink packaging machine, vacuum-packed machine, automatic packer of a box machine, pneumatic, dynamoelectric packer reachs of all kinds sealing machine to wait for series product. The material that pack basically has LLDPE to twine film, PP, PET to bale paper of the belt, glue that seal box, can pack automation line and plan according to planning to design automation.
The foreign market such as product export America, Europe, southeast Asia and occupy home to comparative share market.
Technical parameter:

Power source
1φ220V 50/60Hz

Airframe dimension

Dimension of the biggest heal


Fill gas function

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