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Treatment of drink of food of 2007 China International reachs package machine ex

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Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Food industry is industry of pillar of economy of our country countryman, food machinery is the industry that supplies equipment for food industry. 95 ” of “ and the period that 2010 is the rough every that industry of our country food and food machinery go straight towards to modernization jointly, realize food machinery modernization to expand equipment demand in order to satisfy food industry, progress of science and technology has decisive effect. Enter WTO and country as China western of big development carry out, and regard the center western as the city---Chengdu goes every year in food only course of study can create a number and even billions of yuan sales revenue. Borrow this, the “2007 China that promotes association of industry of food of chamber of commerce of committee, China International, China and Sichuan to save people government to be sponsorred jointly by China International commerce western food drink treatment and package machine exhibition and China International food trade exposition ” was held in Chengdu in June 2007. Current exhibiting can be market goods is revealed, delibrate of classics trade communication, business affairs the large international grand meeting at an organic whole, the organizing committee continues to will take “ with one one's heart service, reach the beauty to be apt to the service tenet of ” , it is with user market oriented, it is in order to produce with the interest that sells a firm essential, reveal through the product, the form such as technical communication, the new facility that to the west area and user of circumjacent province city recommend food to process a product, new technology and new service, and exert oneself makes both sides of supply and demand communicate, communication and the commerce platform that extend business chance.

[the industry distinguished gathering of high standards]
Current the meeting that feed rich predicts to show an area 15000 square metre, exhibit digit 600. Dressing of drink of food of key arrangement “ , treatment and package machine, additive, carbonado earth up technical ” 4 exhibit an area greatly. Ginseng exhibit business class taller, item on display is more rich, will have at the appointed time come from the United States, flower, more than 10 country such as law, meaning, Pu, Russia, day, Han and the well-known company ginseng that come from home are exhibited ginseng meeting. The food of country and the area such as Philippine, Indonesian, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, France, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong already expressed relevant association, consortium, chamber of commerce, consulate to form a delegation ginseng exhibit ginseng meeting, make current the meeting that feed rich has international force more. Congress organizing committee still will continue to invite plant of domestic and international food drink, machining more extensively through sponsorring association of trade of unit, support unit, abroad; Purchase agency, trading company and business, investment business to go to can look around, negotiate, purchase.
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