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Food treatment package machine is exhibited meeting

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People net · Tianjin window on January 9 dispatch: Treatment of Shanghai international food and package machine exhibited meeting general 2007 on January 15, 2007- - in Shanghai light congress exhibited a center to hold on January 19, 2007. This second exhibit meeting by international food industry association of industry of green of association, China International is combined sponsor.

Can exhibit descriptive ginseng to extend range:

★ flesh kind treatment butcher equipment: Refrigerant refrigerating equipment, last metal of treatment of vegetables of vacuum-packed equipment, fruit detects, the material that pack;

★ Dairy Equipment: Homogenizer milk packer and equipment of asepsis fill furnish, ice-cream equipment, sterilization machine, milkings store motion equipment;

★ bake is roast equipment: Bake the equipment that bake and appliance, craft bakes bake deploy reach appliance, bake makings and adornment, storefront decorates the product that bake and finished products, Yuan Fucai, reveal deposit and ark, cold storage ark;

★ food is mechanical: Machinery of food treatment machinery, brew machinery, beverage treatment machinery, cake treatment machinery, candied treatment machinery, bean products treatment, fruit treatment machinery, vegetable treatment machinery, fruit vegetables lasts special machine, wrapping machine is instrument, muti_function machine of gas packaging of packer, vacuum, blister packaging machine, gush is piled up machine;

★ package machine technology: Remote remote control technology (include monitoring) , the pace enters electric machinery automatic and technology, flexible compensation technology, laser cut technology, information processing technology, robot;

★ packs material to machine machinery: Note product line of the plastic treatment machinery such as the model, machine that blow film, corrugated fibreboard and stand-alone, cent to cut the material of other paper quality such as machine, paper cutting machine to machine mechanical, composite material to machine machinery;

★ container treatment is mechanical: Metallic container treatment is machinery of machinery of paper container treatment, plastic container treatment, mechanical;

Equipment of ★ form a complete set: The other drive such as component of component of pneumatic of pump valve, hydraulic pressure, instrument appearance, electron, metric, sensor, transducer, heat exchanger, gearing and controller material.

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