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Treatment of food of the 10th China International and package machine exhibition

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Can exhibit a name treatment of food of the 10th China International and package machine exhibition
Can exhibit brief introduction CHINAFOODTECH to hold 8 successfully already up to now since 1989, as provide most inside the industry famous spend and of consequence exhibit meeting, the dimensions this year is all previous most, of nearly 20 thousand square metre reveal an area to be ordered entirely full, still increased a lot of exhibiting additionally in each house still cannot satisfy requirement. Current, should exhibit already can become home is packed and the large internationalization major with the biggest, highest class extends the scope in food machinery industry, it is certain to also be enjoyed in the world famous degree. Current exhibit the enterprise outside can having many 90 of great capacity that comes from area of more than 10 Italy, Germany, Spain, United States, France, England, Japan, countries such as Korea and our country Hong Kong, Taiwan and come from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu. Production of food of association of Italian foreign trade, Italy, treatment and last course of study meets machinist of food of association of production association of automatic package machine of machinery and equipment Manufacturers Association, Italy, Korea package machine, Japan to form a delegation attended exhibit meeting. As exhibit meeting international famous spend rise, production association of British treatment and production association of American food machine, package machine association, American package machine expedited observer to attend this second exhibit meeting, begin to negotiate below form a delegation ginseng exhibit matters concerned.
Exhibited 2005 can differentiate by the function exhibit an area, 2 houses are the flesh kind machine mechanical house, the machinery of Xiao Jin of leading enterprise Shijiazhuang of industry of domestic carnivorous equipment makes machine of food of Chinese general of limited company of science and technology, Shijiazhuang city limited company of package machine of comparatively well-off food carries limited company of machinery of food of limited company, fine heart, Zhu Cheng newest technology and equipment appear here. 3 houses are international house, numerous international is famous the enterprise if German Ma inferior company of equipment of division of company, Na Tulin company, power horse brought advanced pork for Chinese audience kind the treatment facilities, equipment that pack and food treatment facilities. 4 houses exhibit an area to beverage, milk products is machined and be packed, the elite Langfang packing equipment of beverage equipment line of business makes head office, Hangzhou in inferior mechanical limited company, Ning Bo rises flourishing machinery to make another name for Guangdong Province of head of limited company, Shan east limited company of food machinery plant, luck brings 3 ring of city mechanical limited company assembles in 4 houses, each are big company up to the 100 areas of smooth rice, of individuation decorate the newest figure that shows a company and product. 5 houses are food treatment and package machine exhibit an area, hangzhou always achieves limited company of group of package machine of SamSung of group of grand of express the idea of mechanical limited company, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Beijing big dark the numerous enterprise such as company of limited company of vast sky package machine, ohmic dragon gathers together one.
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