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Treatment of food of northward international of the 3rd China and package machin

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Exhibit 2008-8-30 of ~ of meeting time 2008-8-28
Hold national China
Hold urban Qingdao
Exhibit international exhibition center of house title Qingdao
Release time 2008-4-14 14:39:00

Exhibit meeting name treatment of food of northward international of the 3rd China and package machine exhibition
Exhibit place of meeting brief introduction: Qingdao international exhibition center (square of Gao Keyuan new century)
Time: On August 28, 2008 - 30 days (come on Thursday on Saturday)

Sponsor an unit: Shandong saves Shandong of food industry association to visit food industry office
Qingdao blue rich can exhibit limited company
Undertake unit: Qingdao blue rich can exhibit limited company
Abroad assist do: Hong Kong Oriental international shows limited company
Assist run an unit: Shandong of committee of major of products of meat of province of Shandong of committee of major of Shandong province dressing saves lacteal trade association

By Shandong office of province food industry, Shandong saves food industry association, Shandong to save committee of major of additive agent for food, Qingdao the treatment of food of “ China northward international that La Bo can exhibit limited company to be held jointly and package machine exhibition (FMNC)”Held 2 already successfully, share the enterprise inside the 450 much family property that come from the 10 many countries such as area of Japan, Korea, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, England, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and area to enter exhibition, come from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and and 45000 professional personages of area of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan attend a meeting look around. FMNC passes 2 breed and develop, had grown for Chinese northward dimensions the professional grand meeting with the biggest, best effect.
Treatment of food of northward international of the 3rd 2008 China and package machine exhibition (FMNC2008) on August 28, 2008 - hold ceremoniously 30 days in Qingdao international exhibition center.
Exhibit a house brand-newly! Larger scale! Content is more wonderful!
FMNC2008 is sure to become the grand meeting of Chinese food treatment and package machine industry.
Beer waved in August sweet! Blue sea hoists the sails! Hand in hand FMNC, achieve food machinery brand to exhibit in all meeting!
Exhibit meeting characteristic
★ compose builds food machinery major to reveal trade platform: At the beginning of FMNC establishs oneself very clear put forward major to do exhibit, do major to exhibit, make authority of food machinery industry exhibit the tenet of the meeting, for food industry development serves.
The media that ★ high density spends publicizes: Media conduct propaganda is current exhibit the one large window of the meeting, FMNC2008 will combine global agency, the plan publicizes offensive, group of agency of trade of speak or sing alternately and consumptive terminal are communicated effectively when exhibiting meeting information to reach, make powerful industry pay close attention to heat.
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