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2009 bay (enlighten do obeisance to) international pressworks, package machine e

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2009 bay (enlighten do obeisance to) international pressworks, package machine exhibition
Extend meeting time: On April 6, 2009 - 9 days exhibit meeting site: Enlighten do obeisance to the airport to exhibit a center

Limits of item on display:
A: 1 presswork equipment: Offset press, plate making equipment, the model is cut machine, printing down machine, brand printing machine; The 2 equipment before imprinting: The desktop makes a system, advertisement originality makes a system, software, scanner; The 3 equipment after imprinting: Paper cutting machine, bound machine, answer film machine, folding machine, stick face machine, impress machine, bronzing machine; Equipment of 4 specialty printing: Protruding imprints machine, sunken imprint machine, silk imprints machine, calling card printing machine; Technology of 5 screen printing reachs equipment; 6 numbers presswork technology and equipment; 7 presswork fittings equipment: Presswork, compound rubber roll, printing ink, edition material, sensitive film
B:1Package machine reachs fittings: Vacuum-packed machine, paper box machine, make bag of machine, outfit of fill, fill, heal, seal the box, machinery that stick label, package machine, day turns things package machine, equipment of plastic flexible package, package machine of medicines and chemical reagents, plastic and mechanical, all sorts of model cutting tool provide fittings to wait; Equipment of chipboard of beehive of 2 rows of tiles on a roof, paper box is mechanical, carton, punched tape, pulp; The 3 material that pack: Squeeze compound, drawing to blow aluminium of tube of paper of film, epispastic sheet, chipboard, aluminum foil in all treatment of glue of material, gooey belt, hot frit is mechanical, the plastic material that pack, the metal packages data, food packages data, medicines and chemical reagents packages data, green environmental protection packs material to wait; 4 container: Plastic container, metal packaging container, vitreous container, the technology of green environmental protection that pack, pack the science and technology that prevent bogus, design that pack, craft that pack, bag to put on edition media to wait
Enlighten do obeisance to brief introduction:
Enlighten the beauty of the Hong Kong ” that does obeisance to element to have “ middle east praise, it is the financial center of A couplet chief of a tribe; With the infrastructure of its free and loose economic policy, advantaged situation, perfect all ready, become the traffic hub of middle east area and the biggest goods distribution centre quickly. Through enlighten do obeisance to, goods can turn sell thalassic area, Russia, hamster, Africa, mediterranean, even world each district. At present our country product with moderate of phyletic and various, class, norms all ready, price is reasonable accept favour quite, further development potential is great.

Postpone meeting brief introduction:
Exhibit can hold water by Fairs And Exhibitions (1992, headquarters is located in British London) sponsor, 6.2005 already were held continuously before year share 30 states district ginseng of many 500 enterprise is exhibited, exhibit an area to be 15000 square metre. Among them Taiwan 29 the home, England of 46 the home, Italy 26 the home, Korea the Chinese company that 23 the home, my department organize 26 the home, France 38. According to statistic, share more than 20000 professional personages to attend exhibit meeting, they come from bay respectively 6 countries and middle east, south Africa, egypt, nigeria, india, pakistan, afghanistan, russia and alone the 40 many countries such as couplet body. Ginseng can register show: Foreign trade business 43% , pack presswork manufacturing business 37% , school hospital 11% , governmental official 4% other 5% . Exhibit can reach a contract in all 12 million U.S. dollor.
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