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Eleventh treatment of China International food and package machine exhibition

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Only then time: 2009-10-27 ends time: 2009-10-29 holds a city: Beijing holds a place: China International exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: Stimulative commission of China International trade undertakes unit China packs and food of food machinery head office, China and contact of association of package machine industry: Gu Zhanjun connects a telephone call: 010-68523345/68537565   exhibits meeting specification:

Brilliant history: CHINA FOODTECH is exhibited meet odd year hold in Beijing, hold first 1989, experience the development of 20 age, hold 10 successfully already, already became the important major that serves for Chinese market to exhibit at present, it is home exhibits scale is the largest, professional audience is most, have force most exhibit meeting, get party and national leader for many times visit visiting guidance, exhibit an area by 89 years 5000 smooth rice expands this year more than 20000 smooth rice, the first selection ginseng that is manufacturer of the China and foreign countries in course of study of person of the same trade is exhibited exhibit meeting.

The good chance of as common as international person of the same trade compare notes: CHINA FOODTECH exhibits every to the ginseng of foreign trader of close a hunderd schools that comes from more than 10 countries and area is exhibited, also get each country is the same as the attention of guild and support all the time, current exhibit association of manufactory of automatic package machine of the Italy in the meeting (federation of association of industry of UCIMA) , Italy current machinery (treatment of ANIMA) , England and package machine association (treatment of food of PPMA) , Germany and package machine association (Manufacturers Association of package machine of VDMA) , United States (PMMI) , Spain is packed, fill. They are in a native enterprise to introduce Chinese market while the development that paying close attention to Chinese person of the same trade closely also is dynamic, join World Trade Organization as China, the communication between international will become it is important that all the more is mixed often, CHINA FOODETCH is exhibited is a convenient, effective communication platform, be the same as stage show one's skill for the personage inside course of study.

Tremendous market potential: According to food industry “ 15 ” develop a program, to 2005, the flesh kind treatment capacity amounts to 6 million tons, commissariat machines a quantity to amount to 8250 tons, oil of vegetable of all sorts of grandma of sugar, dairy produce, liquid state, beverage, edible, potted crop achieves 10 million tons respectively, 800 thousand tons, 2 million tons, 27 million tons, 30 million tons mix 3.8 million tons. At the appointed time, the market total demand of food and package machine is 65 billion yuan of RMBs, the increment of afore-mentioned industries amounts to 150—200 namely to the demand of food and package machine 100 million yuan of RMBs, tremendous market potential and space remain to dig.
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