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Exhibition of food of Shenyang · Russia and package machine, woodworker

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Exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of food of Shenyang · Russia and package machine, woodworker
Extend meeting time: Exhibit meeting site: Shenyang (international) can exhibit a center
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee Liaoning to save branch
Russian Federation is stationed in Shenyang consulate general
Undertake unit: Limited company of trade of Ma of Shenyang city Europe
Assist run an unit: Bashenkeertuositan republican Ministry of Foreign Economics and Trade
Bashenkeertuositan municipal government of republican black law
Russia Tuomusi state government
Government of state of Russia A Moore
Government of Russia seaside border area
Russia breaths out government of Ba Luofu Si Kezhou
" Russia dragon signs up for "
" in net of Russian market conditions "
Support an unit: Liaoning saves machinist Cheng to learn
Jiangsu saves food and association of package machine industry
Association of the Chinese technology that pack " China packs a net "
" Chinese conference net "
Ginseng extend range:
Food machines equipment: Cake machinery, beverage machinery, candied machinery, bean products machinery, fruit machinery, vegetable machinery, butcher machinery, flesh kind facilities of treatment of facilities of equipment of facilities of treatment of facilities of treatment machinery, milkings treatment machinery, brew machinery, dressing treatment, additive agent for food, oil and fat further processing, potted treatment, convenient food, ;
Package machine: Package machine of food package machine, filling machine instrument, medicine, heal sticks machinery of box of embossing machine of mark machinery, shrink packaging machinery, paper face, paper, bundle up, vacuum-packed machine, gas to move machine of close over of packer, format, wrapping machine production machinery of instrument, packer instrument, container, ;
Woodworker: Series of series of carpentry planer series, carpentry engrave mill, carpentry drilling machine, carpentry lathe series, carpentry curiums machinery of series of series of arenaceous light of machine series, carpentry, real wood joining together, metal furniture, mattess machinery, sofa machinery, pneumatic machinery, dynamoelectric;
Hotel facilities: Kitchen series (furnace is provided, hearth, ark is provided, the operation appliance, boil appliance that boil, cut appliance, balance quantity appliance, on the west spin-drier of the hutch appliance, ice machine, machine that control an aspect, mixer, the machine that cut course, meat chopper, slicer) clean series.
The organizing committee contacts means:
Address: Ave of hill of Shenyang city north 9 circle in the air cloud building 803
Zip code: 110032
Phone: 024—86855772, 86842921, 86860136—803
Fax: 024—86842921
Network address: Http//www.syomma.com
Email: Syomma@syomma.com

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